Monday, 28 May 2012

UNLEASH 2012...Branding Young Hearts | Programme Outline/Resource Persons.

Programme Outline/Resource Persons.

Day 1  Friday, June 1 2012. 9:00AM

Opening Prayer/National Anthem                                                                        9:15 – 9:25AM

Principal’s Welcome Address                                                                               9:25 – 9:35AM
Wesley College of Science, Mr. Oladele.

Opening Speech                                                                                                    9:35 – 9:50AM
Alamu Samson, Team Leader/Strategist GetFired Project.

The Inspire Excellence Video Premiere:                                                           9:50 – 10:50AM
Ebenezer Akinrinade, Director of Projects/Publicity Sec. ARLFoundation.

Sex and Relationship:                                                                                       10:50 – 11:50AM
Bolade Ipadeola, Program Director, Divine Emission Initiative.
Alamu Samson, Team Leader/Strategist GetFired Project.

Literature Reading/Leadership Essay Competition, Elimination Stage:        12:00 – 1:00PM

Saturday, 24 March 2012

UNLEASH 2012...Branding Young Hearts | Participation Guideline | Resource Persons | Venue/Venue Description...

UNLEASH 2012: An educational charity project initiated by WECCOSA.

About Us
WECCOSA is a body comprising of ex-students of the Wesley College of Science, Ibadan (2001 Set). We are a group of dynamic and positive minded youths committed to developing and mentoring young minds to take their place in the future. Our focal point is inspiring and helping secondary school students to pursue lofty ambitions built upon inestimable character and propelled by sound education.
With this mandate, the body in partnership with other passionate youth groups organizes special workshops, trainings, personality commentaries, expositions and inspiring seminars, which will put these young minds on the right platform to build the Nigeria of our dream.

Our Initiative/Project
To consolidate on our drive to building total and excellent young individuals, the group has come up with another project, targeted at inspiring and empowering the upcoming generation to pursue their promising dreams. The project tagged 'Unleash 2012' will involve public and private schools in different local government areas in Ibadan. The programme will take the form

Friday, 4 November 2011


Cultivating effective learning skills is of paramount importance if one must excel as a student, and by extension as a man. By man, I do not mean all male folks, but everybody. It is against this background that this treatise solely concerns itself with elucidating the skills in question. Skills such as:
Active listening.  
Studying (group study, questioning, researching, adequate rest et al.).
Teacher/student relationship.
Brain usage technique.

It is however