Get Firedredefining purpose, winning back the future.

An Educational revival and Student redemption project initiated by UKSolutions to give the educational sector a strong footing.

It would amount to stating the obvious, that moral decadence, misplaced priority, academic ineptitude/indiscipline, which happens to be the bane of Nigerian students is assuming a dangerous trend quite inimical to the future highly coveted by our dear nation, Nigeria. It would also amount to bias if we shy away from beaming our searchlight on the archaic and obsolete administrative skills of most educational administrators around. Statistics revealed by examination bodies, educationists, and counselors alike in the country shows that something urgent must be done to save the dying educational sector.

Ibn Khaldun says “no individual can successfully all by himself solve a social problem. Such efforts are bound to fail except there is a collective effort by stakeholders (1377, Universal History). This is our driving force, and that is why UKSolutions instituted Get Fired to corroborate the efforts of Government, Educational Administrators, and Teachers. With the project, we hope to firmly entrench the culture of zero tolerance for the cited ills.
Our Vision 
To be recognized as the premier, and one-stop platform for developing dynamic, informed, principled, and disciplined students/educational administrators, who will drive Nigeria’s realization of its full potential.
Our Mission 
To influence, inspire, motivate, empower and equip a new generation of Nigerian students and educational administrators by providing the skills and tools for personal and institutional transformation.
Our Values 
We recognize, hold in high esteem, and reward passion, dedication, and loyalty to the vision and mission of Get Fired. 
We practice consistent, clear, and timely communication, recognizing this as the basis for effective team work, efficient problem solving and project success. 
We exhibit excellence in all our activities, going the extra mile to ensure that our programmes, services and operations are A class and highest standards. 
We always exhibit transparency and truthfulness in all our dealings. 
We acknowledge and respect the diversity in our society; hence we treat our stakeholders with dignity. 
Our driving force is quantifiable performance/result, and change in orientation. Hence, we focus on outcomes, not activities. Through our programmes we change mindsets, and behavior – influencing, inspiring, motivating, equipping our participants with the tools, skills and support that they need to effectively lead positive change in their institution and personal lives.