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UNLEASH 2012...Branding Young Hearts | Participation Guideline | Resource Persons | Venue/Venue Description...

UNLEASH 2012: An educational charity project initiated by WECCOSA.

About Us
WECCOSA is a body comprising of ex-students of the Wesley College of Science, Ibadan (2001 Set). We are a group of dynamic and positive minded youths committed to developing and mentoring young minds to take their place in the future. Our focal point is inspiring and helping secondary school students to pursue lofty ambitions built upon inestimable character and propelled by sound education.
With this mandate, the body in partnership with other passionate youth groups organizes special workshops, trainings, personality commentaries, expositions and inspiring seminars, which will put these young minds on the right platform to build the Nigeria of our dream.

Our Initiative/Project
To consolidate on our drive to building total and excellent young individuals, the group has come up with another project, targeted at inspiring and empowering the upcoming generation to pursue their promising dreams. The project tagged 'Unleash 2012' will involve public and private schools in different local government areas in Ibadan. The programme will take the form
of talk on careers, sex and relationship, and a practical workshop on skills acquisition.
The highpoint of the programme however, will be the literature reading/leadership essay competition, which shall take place on the final day of the 2-day event. The literature reading/leadership essay competition is an expanded version of the reading competition that was organized in 2008 by WECCOSA, and won by International School Ibadan (I.S.I). The program in 2008 was sponsored by reputable publishing houses like Heinemann Books, Evans, and we do not expect less in this edition. The programme will come up on the 1st and 2nd of June, 2012

This programme has as part of its objectives the following:
·    To revive the ardent reading culture that is increasingly fading away from our schools. This body believes in the Back2Book project of President Goodluck Jonathan.
·    To create a learning platform through our resourceful seminars, workshops, and life coaching series for students to be mentally empowered.
·    To inspire the upcoming generation to pursue lofty ambitions, to be achieved by good character and positive education.
·    To stir the leadership and problem solving skills inherent in young minds, qualities they would require as they tackle life challenges in the nearest future.
·    To corroborate the efforts of government, teachers, and educational administrators by providing the students with the skills not usually, or rarely taught in schools. Skills such as decision making, peer pressure management, prioritization, and value clarification.

Participation Guideline
·    Each participating school is expected to send a contingent of 20 students on the maximum and 15 students on the minimum the be accompanied by two members of the teaching staff. The contingent should be comprised of students from JSS 3 to SS 3.
·    Each participating school is expected to create a team of five members to represent them at the literature reading/leadership essay competition. The team should be comprised of students from SS 1 and SS 2.
·    Three books will be accredited for the purpose of the literature reading/leadership essay competition. The participating teams shall be expected to read the books, understand and be acquainted with the issues raised therein.
·    Two of the three pre-selected books shall be used at the elimination stage, while the third book will be used at the final.
·    The elimination stage shall be divided into two sections namely Quiz and written Summary.
·    The final shall be based on oral presentation on salient issues raised in the book accredited for the final. The issues raised could be a social problem, a conflict or the theme of the book. The presentation must reflect how the issues raised have affected the society and the ways to solve them.

Elimination Stage.
Book 1 - Quiz - Women of Owu by Femi Osofisan.
Book 2 - Written Summary - A Woman in Her Prime by Asare Konadu.

Book 3 - Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Adichie.

Resource Persons:

Okelola Mayokun, Co-founder InterSynergy Consulting Ltd.
Alamu Samson, Team Leader/Strategist, GetFired Project.
Harry Okoromadu, Team Leader/Strategist, ACE Nigeria. 

Bolade Ipadeola, Program Director, Divine Emission Initiative.
Jamiu Akangbe, Team Leader, ARLFoundation.
Ebenener Akinrinade, Director of Projects/Publicity Sec., ARLFoundation).
Maradesa Super'Xam Oluwafemi, Author, 'The Super Student.' 

Wesley College of Science, Elekuro, Ibadan.

Venue Description:
From Challenge, or anywhere in Ibadan just get a bus going to Bere, drop at the round about bus stop and ask for the bus going to Wesley College of Science, Elekuro.

For further information contact:

Alamu Samson (Team Leader/Strategist, GetFired Project),
Project Consultant

Harry Okoromadu (Team Leader/Strategist, ACE Nigeria),
Project Team Leader

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  1. This seems to me like the spreading of academic revival by passionate people


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